A Theme and A Hunt

*Art Dummy! will be participating in two events, each kicking off today.

The first event is Project Themeory.  The theme this week is Art Impressions and my offering is a set called Studio

The set includes a desk with a quote printed on top, two original framed art pieces by me, an empty frame that you may mod, and glass bottle decor.  (I plan to release a stool and hanging lamp in the near future that will go nicely with this set.  )  The Studio set will be available until Sunday, September 26th 11:59pm SLT.

And the second event is The Seasons Hunt.  Both LISP Bazaar and *Art Dummy! are participating, so one-stop hunting. (Pandora has these cozy chairs that I just want to curl up in with my blanket and a good book.)  I’ve created a chair I’ve named Apple Picking.  It features a wood texture with apples hanging from its branches.  There are static as well as animated poses included.

The hunt runs from September 25th until October 9th,  plenty of time to pick up a ton of wonderful gifts.  For a list of participating stores and all the details visit  the Seasons Hunt blog

Oh and if you pick up any of our items (LISP Bazaar and *Art Dummy!)  we would love to see pictures of them.  Feel free to post them in our group on Flickr!

Have a fantastic weekend!

*Art Dummy!


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