the seasons hunt and a flea market

Today the next installment of the seasons hunt kicks off. Yay!  We are celebrating Spring and  this time you are searching for a little bumblebee.

I’ve made the last item in my series of branch themed pieces 😀 . (I’ve wanted to do this for a while)

The in spring. (bed) contains single as well as couples animations. I’ve included the shadow separately so you can add or remove it if you choose.

Check out the Seasons Hunt blog for more information and for a list of all the incredible designers who are participating.

And in other news, the very awesome Clementine Ishtari has a new home for her Awesome Blossom mainstore. On this beautiful sim is the Where It Begins Flea Market and I, along with several other designers, have set up shop there. At my stand you’ll find a few of my older items, some of which are set to discount prices. These items will be switched out every couple of weeks. Have a visit and take a look around the sim, it is well worth it.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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