A while back (oh… sometime last year) I released an item (studio. stool in red) with plans to make more in many colors.  Well, I have finally done just that.

These stools are sold in 4 separate color packs (sunlight, silver metal and cloud, sky blue, and cotton candy).  The stools come in two finishes, grunge and clean.   I couldn’t decide whether to include the shadow prim or not so I’ve thrown in two stools with shadow prims and two without.  (so you are getting 4 stools per color pack for only 60L!)

You may purchase these packs in my mainstore at the special Super Bargain Saturday price until 11:59 PM SLT.  Take a look at the Flickr group to see all the fantastic items available

In addition, I’ve set up a little shop on the very cool and dreamy Fungus sim.  Go and explore the shops, the sim, and try the Snail Trail Quest!

Have a marvelous weekend!


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