flamingo. (for Collabor88 October)

flamingo. (set)

Hi!  I’m excited to announce that *Art Dummy! is a guest at Collabor88 this month.  The theme is Pink Flamingos with a super colorful and kitschy color palette and mood board.

I’ve released a drafting table and chair set with color changing options.  (The chair is a mesh version of my sculpty drafting chair.)  I had so much fun with these colors that I threw them all in there so you can mix and match.

Check out the flickr group for a peek at what is available this round.  You have a full month to stop by!

Have a wonderful week!


5 thoughts on “flamingo. (for Collabor88 October)

  1. I saw this! Can’t remember if I picked it up. >.< Bad Cao… I really, really, really need this chair, I planned on jumping over to your store today or tomorrow to see if you have it in black. Do you have it in black. *crosses fingers*

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