dine. (for FLF)

dine. (set of tables)

A set of tables out now for FLF.

Have a great weekend!

*Art Dummy!


cleanse. (for FLF)

cleanse. (set)

A little set of bathroom items to go along with a sink that I plan to finish one day. Eventually.

(The “soap” was my son’s request. He wanted me to make a bar of soap that actually says “soap”.  Totally made his day. Kids.)

Have a fantastic weekend!

*Art Dummy!

wooden rabbit. (updated)

wooden rabbit (updated)

After a suggestion from an awesome customer, I have converted the decorative wooden rabbit from sculptie to mesh. The item is now 3 prims instead of a very primmy 26 prims!

If you have the old version and would like to swap it out for the new version, please send me the old and I’ll swap it out for you. (Please be sure to send me an IM or notecard along with your rabbit, just in case I’m offline)

*Art Dummy!