It is with deep regret that I am closing *Art Dummy! I’ve been struggling for a long time with “artist’s block”. In addition, I’ve been grappling with a chaotic first life. The main store will close next Wednesday, October 15. I hope to return one day.

I would like to thank you all for the support over the years, for the sweet offlines and notecards, and those of you who stopped by my little shop to take pictures or just hang out.. Every bit of these things are what kept me here for this long. I’ll miss my little shop and you.

Gala Charron
*Art Dummy!

cleanse. (for FLF)

cleanse. (set)

A little set of bathroom items to go along with a sink that I plan to finish one day. Eventually.

(The “soap” was my son’s request. He wanted me to make a bar of soap that actually says “soap”.  Totally made his day. Kids.)

Have a fantastic weekend!

*Art Dummy!